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TLTR Version

1.   Choose any "Off Platform" Product inside the Ecomartists platform.

2.  If Creating a "Custom Product", then use the correct "Product Print-file".

3. Use our Character Placeholders in Your Design.

4. Upload your custom design as a PSD file (same pixels as printfile) & Submit for Review.

5. The Ecomartists team will Approve Your Design, letting your know it its safe to start selling.

6.  Once approved, Create the product On Etsy, using EA product Mockups & Pre-made Ad images.

7.  When You make a sale, come back to Ea platform, Order the Product & Submit the Customer images & Details.

8.  View Order status inside EA platform.

9.  Design & Sell More!

FULL ARTICLE:   Step-by-Step (coming soon)

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