Revisions: How to Manage Customer Change requests

One of the GREAT things about Ecomartists is UNLIMITED REVISIONS. Thats right, you can rest assured your customers will be leaving RAVING REViEWS because they will always get exactly what they really want. 

TLTR Version

1.   Choose any "Off Platform" Product inside the Ecomartists platform.

2.  If Creating a "Custom Product", then use the correct "Product Print-file".

3. Use our Character Placeholders in Your Design.

4. Upload your custom design as a PSD file (same pixels as printfile) & Submit for Review.

5. The Ecomartists team will Approve Your Design, letting your know it its safe to start selling.

6.  Once approved, Create the product On Etsy, using EA product Mockups & Pre-made Ad images.

7.  When You make a sale, come back to Ea platform, Order the Product & Submit the Customer images & Details.

8.  View Order status inside EA platform.

9.  Design & Sell More!

Revisions:   How to Submit Drawings for approval and Manage Revisions

Step # 1  - Place your order inside the EA APP with  YOUR EMAIL

If you need help with this, we have a seperate article covering how to place orders.

You can order just drawings, order products that EA draws, prints, and fulfills, and even use other POD apps with EA drawings. 

Etsy is strict about contacting customers OUTSIDE Etsy. so to make sure YOU get notified when a drawing is ready for review, use YOUR email when creating orders inside the APP.

Step # 2 - When Drawing is ready, Check Drawing Preview

Inside the app, you will see a link to the "Approval Page" , You will also get an email (if you put your email when creating the order) to review the drawing.

Click "Orders" on the Sidebar:

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 6.57.48 AM.png__PID:461dcb54-240f-4770-b2b3-c8bbc971585d

You will see column "Approval page"  and a link to that page.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 6.57.58 AM.png__PID:c8bbc971-585d-4b36-a42e-685660016516

Step # 3 - Copy the Photo & Send to the Customer inside ETSY CHAT

Rick click and Save Image As to Download

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 7.14.17 AM.png__PID:585d8b36-a42e-4856-a001-6516433123ba

Send to customer in Etsy Chat


Step # 4 - Wait for Customer Feedback & Send to Us on Approval Page

Once we get the feedback, we will turnaround revision in 24hs.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 7.20.05 AM.png__PID:23bac513-4ac9-479d-944e-38622af1f152

Once we get the feedback, we will turnaround revisions in 24hs, it is pretty fast, so make sure to send to cusomter in Etsy again when revision is ready. You will get email when revision is ready, and revision will be on the approval page again. 

Step # 5 - When Approved by Customer, Press Approve on revision page. 

Once Approved, we will send you files needed to fulfil order, or if You are using Ecomartists as your print provider, we will print and ship.  

Thats all there is to it!  Now Get to Work! Create Your Products!  

Ps. there are additional sections to this course that go into more depth if you need further step by step instructions.



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