Quick Steps: A-Z Overview 

This page is to provide a summary for all parts of the course in an easy to understand format. You can click into Each to go directly to the part of the course that Provides more information on the topic. 

TLTR Version

1.   Choose any "Off Platform" Product inside the Ecomartists platform.

2.  If Creating a "Custom Product", then use the correct "Product Print-file".

3. Use our Character Placeholders in Your Design.

4. Upload your custom design as a PSD file (same pixels as printfile) & Submit for Review.

5. The Ecomartists team will Approve Your Design, letting your know it its safe to start selling.

6.  Once approved, Create the product On Etsy, using EA product Mockups & Pre-made Ad images.

7.  When You make a sale, come back to Ea platform, Order the Product & Submit the Customer images & Details.

8.  View Order status inside EA platform.

9.  Design & Sell More!

Course Quick Steps:   How to Make Sales Fastest Way Possible (step-by-step)

Step # 1  - Choose a niche or Product Type to Focus on

You can have an Etsy store with all Phone cases with many different niches, or you can have an Etsy store all about a single niche like Nursing, and have many different Products. Personally I recommend Starting with a Single product type, This way, you will get really good at Setting up product listings for that product type, and can setup more products faster. Remember the Goal is to Setup 100 product listings as fast as you can! This will help you find your winners and start making daily sales.

Step # 2 - Download free SVGs or Create your own text & Sayings.

The Easiest way to get started is to download free SVGs. Then once you get the hang of setting up products with SVG + drawing placeholders, then you can expand to more time consuming methods like creating your own sayings in Canva/photoshop. Or Buying SVGs that looks really nice.

Step # 3 - Setup 100 Product Listings in Etsy

As mentioned before, the goal is to setup 100 products in your etsy store. To save time, We recommend you DO NOT setup the products inside EA app until AFTER they start selling. 

Choose 4-5 Mockups And use the SAME Mockups Over and Over so you can setup products faster.

If you are doing anything other then setting up new listsings in Etsy, you are honestly wasting time.

Focus on Getting at LEAST 1 new listing setup per day. In 100 days you have 100 listsing. If you can go faster, great!

With 100 listings you WILL be making sales!

Step # 4 - Setup Products inside EA app Once they start Selling.  

If you use Ecomartists as your print provider, you can setup your products in the EA app, as custom products and we will draw, print, and ship. If you only use EA to draw orders, then you do not need to do this, and just order drawings from us. 

Step # 5 - Submit Orders for EA to Draw 

Thats all there is to it!  Now Get to Work! Create Your Products!  

Ps. there are additional sections to this course that go into more depth if you need further step by step instructions.



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