Placeholders: Where are can I find the Before/After Drawing Examples?

In this article you will learn exactly how to find and use all the drawing placeholders from the Ecomartists resources library.  There is over 3000+ before/after drawing examples you can use to create products with.

TLTR Version

1.   Choose any "Off Platform" Product inside the Ecomartists platform.

2.  If Creating a "Custom Product", then use the correct "Product Print-file".

3. Use our Character Placeholders in Your Design.

4. Upload your custom design as a PSD file (same pixels as printfile) & Submit for Review.

5. The Ecomartists team will Approve Your Design, letting your know it its safe to start selling.

6.  Once approved, Create the product On Etsy, using EA product Mockups & Pre-made Ad images.

7.  When You make a sale, come back to Ea platform, Order the Product & Submit the Customer images & Details.

8.  View Order status inside EA platform.

9.  Design & Sell More!

FULL ARTICLE:   How to find & use drawing placeholders (before/after examples)

1.   Link to placeholders
2.  Usings files

Method # 1  - Where can I find them? 

Login to the Ecomartists app and choose "Resources" from the sidebar. 

1.1  -  Inside the Ecomartists App, on sidebar

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.09.07 PM.png__PID:604fb50e-20a1-4a7a-8d4d-6306f365748a
Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 12.27.12 AM.png__PID:17a7f725-3f10-404f-b50e-20a1ba7a8d4d

1.2 -  Pick Placeholder Style

We have drawing Styles seperated into folders. The most common and what we recommend is our normal "photo drawing" . It Sells the best and is most popular. 

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.14.28 PM.png__PID:20a1ba7a-8d4d-4306-b365-748a1c39c3ce

1.3 -  Most Popular =  "Drawing Placeholders"

1.4 -  Pick a Niche

We have 100s of niches to choose from. We have already organized our drawing placeholders into niches.

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.25.42 PM.png__PID:a9efab8e-a965-46a0-849f-18d1062c1a5c

1.5 -  Pick a Drawing

We have so many drawings to choose. Your goal is to pick one that "matches" the SVF text you plan to use. Think about this from both position/angle/size, but also  for the "vibe". Is the text or saying funny? Is it memorial? Pick a drawing placeholder that match the best you can. It helps tell the story and will connect with the customer on a much deeper level when they see it. 

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.37.06 PM.png__PID:f768f227-5c4d-4de2-a41c-e1f1dc797322

1.5 -  Download & Unzip

Inside Every zip folder is the drawing PNG image and the Before photo.

*all photos have given permission, but if someone does contact you, just remove the photo and contact us so we can do the same. 

Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.37.23 PM.png__PID:1b4bf768-f227-4c4d-8de2-641ce1f1dc79
Screenshot 2024-06-22 at 11.37.46 PM.png__PID:4bf768f2-275c-4d4d-a264-1ce1f1dc7973

Thats all there is to it!  Now Get to Work! Find some SVG and setup your products!

Ps. there are additional sections to this course that go into more depth if you need further step by step instructions.



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